With the goal of overall athletic development, a Dietician can offer a nutritional program where athletes could acquire the knowledge, attitude and skills necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle adapted to the requirements of the sport. Unlike nutritionists that are not regulated by the industry, dietitians are accredited, registered and accountable to provincial regulations.

Whether it be through an individualized consultation or a workshop, a Dietician can help athletes make better choices, therefore optimizing their sport performance and developing healthy eating habits. Topics of discussion may include: Fueling appropriately for the sport, Energy needs, vitamins and minerals, Hydration, Preparing for competition or road trips (i.e. cigarettes, drugs alcohol consumption etc.), Tasting.

At training sessions, different recipes/snacks may be prepared and brought for tasting in order to expose athletes to healthy eating, hydration options, snack ideas, and recovery options. Where necessary, a Dietitian can provide an athlete with a customized nutrition plan. An assessment of the athlete’s current situation (body composition and eating habits) can be made in order to evaluate their evolution and development throughout the program. 

Why Consult?

There are a number of reasons why diet plays such an important role. For example, adequate nutrition and hydration will:

  • Improve overall health

  • Reduce recovery time

  • Optimize performance and stamina

  • Help to maintain a desired weight

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