Through strategic partnerships, District Elite provides hands-on nutritional consultation to high performing athletes, sport professionals or sports clubs.  We have a variety of plans available, depending on your needs.  We can provide consultations in person or though a video call.

Using information during the initial evaluation, our nutritionists will develop a strategy that will meet your needs and respect your lifestyle.  We will develop a nutrition program that may include a daily food regimen, recipes or premade meals.

We also provide conferences for sport teams and other athletic groups to better educate on the importance of nutrition as part of a high performing athlete or fitness routine.


Why Consult?

Our advice is to built to optimize performance and recovery.  That is often done by determining not only what food intake is required but also when the food should be eaten.  We will evaluate the following areas:

  • Nutrition for Sport

  • Energy Optimization

  • Muscle development and composition

  • Supplement protocols

  • Recovery

Sports Nutrition Advisor & Specialist Montreal