District Elite Performance Training Programs are specially designed for your team’s needs.

We can design a customized training routine for teams at all levels.

It is a collaboration of some of the strongest coaches in the Strength and Conditioning along with some of the most experienced Olympians working together to design specified programs that will have teams excelling over the competition.

Our performance program ensures athletes are more conditioned and less likely to get injured during the season, all the while maximizing their strength, power, speed, and quickness.

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District Elite will customize, organize, and deliver routines for any team at any level. We can create these programs for the pre-season, in-season, and post-season. These programs are administered by our DE coaches, with a maximum number of 10 players per coach.

We can also provide your sports teams with the fully designed workout programs where your coaches can administer the workouts themselves. Through our Strength and Conditioning Clinic for your coaches, they learn proper training protocols, how to teach proper technique, and how to spot improper movements to ensure the athletes’ safety.

These programs also have the flexibility of being administered either at District Elite or your own training facility.

What is provided to District Elite Teams:

  • A Combine which is sport specific and team specific.

  • Design and implement specific training protocols your team will need based on testing results; we individualize training based on strengths and weaknesses established during the Combine.

  • Flexibility to train your teams at our facility or remotely at your location, based on your preferences and capabilities.

  • Our coach for performance clinic teaches coaches how to properly instruct strength training and performance techniques to maximize results and ensure player safety. We can provide this service to a particular coach or to the entire staff that will be in the weight room with your students.

  • Access to unique technologies that provide Sports Vision Training.

  • An interdisciplinary staff that offers a turnkey solution to the sports team. They will have access to clinical, nutritional and mental preparation.

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