Club d’haltérophilie de l’ouest de l’île (CHWI) offer top-notch coaching and boasts international-level athletes. Created to inspire more competing and opportunity in the sport of weightlifting, the non-profit organization works out of District Elite and is West-Island’s only weightlifting club recognized by the Quebec Weightlifting Federation. District Elite offers CHWI a place to inspire weightlifters to the highest level of competitions, battles, and weights lifted, and to achieve their ultimate goals.

Weightlifting is also an effective way to train for other sports and is commonly used by elite athletes to train for both explosive strength and functional strength. By incorporating Weightlifting into your training regime, you can improve nearly all facets of your athletic performance.

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Key benefits include:

  • Time-efficient training:

    One exercise works multiple muscle groups

  • Full body development:

    • Develops kinesthetic awareness
    • Increases muscle fibre diameter (hypertrophy)
    • Increases neural adaptations, improving intra-muscular coordination (muscle recruitment) and inter-muscular coordination (synchronization)
  • Improved flexibility